• You will receive ShoeLeash™ for a pair of shoes
  • Long handled shoe horn included
  • $49.90 plus $5 shipping & handling (within the US; see below for a budget option).
  • 30-DAY RETURNS HONORED (minus shipping & handling; has to be in original condition).
  • One year warranty - if it breaks under normal use,
    send it back to us and we will return a replacement
    (does not cover the shoe horn).

What Customers Say:

"The occupational therapy team ... has found the “Shoe Leash™” to be very helpful and a great piece of adaptive equipment for our toolbox. Our residents lack trunk control so bending down to don/doff shoes is often difficult If not impossible. The shoe leash allows us to work with residents gain independence with their lower body dressing by eliminating the need to bend forward. Thanks so much!"

"I think it's a simple ingenious invention! The simple act of putting shoes on can be a real chore for some."

ShoeLeash with shoe horn - never bend over again

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Eugen Tarnow, with a Ph.D. from MIT, invented the patent pending ShoeLeash™.

Features & Benefits

  • The ShoeLeash™ allows you to put on your shoes without bending over.
  • Avoid tying shoelaces
  • You can pull the shoes up and drop them down.
  • The ShoeLeash™ acts like a shoe horn for the front of your leg.
  • The ShoeLeash™ holds the tongue of the shoe so it is easy for the foot to slide in.
  • Attach the ShoeLeash™ to the shoe, keep your shoes on a shelf and never bend over again!
  • It comes in black
  • It can be transferred from one pair of shoes to another.
  • Long handled shoe horn included.
  • Works with both laced and un-laced shoes.
  • Allows you to store your shoes on a shelf

You should buy it if...

  • You can't use most shoes because you can't bend over
  • You are pregnant and have a hard time bending over
  • You are prone to back spasms: The ShoeLeash™ allows you to bend over fewer times every day, presumably saving you back spasms
  • You had a knee replacement and should not bend over
  • You had a hip replacement and should not bend over
  • Why bend over if you don't have to?
ShoeLeash in action - never bend over again